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Old World Map Gaming / Studio Mousepad Anti-slip Natural Rubber with Locking Edge

Brand: ZUOYA
Package: No
Products Status: In Stock
Style: Non-slip
Sizes ZUOYA Mouse Pad: 250x290MM,300x700MM,400x900MM
Sizes World Map Mouse Pad: 300x600MM,300x700MM,300x800MM,400x900MM

  • ENHANCE YOUR WORK PERFORMANCE: Improve your gaming and production style, scroll from screen to screen easier, and enjoy unparalleled precision and smooth moves with the coolest mouse pad ever. 
  • WON'T SLIP, CRACK OR SLIDE: Designed to accommodate even your most demanding work needs, this large mouse pad is crafted with a clever anti slip rubber base. Forget about slipping keyboards. Forget about your mouse sliding. Forget about cracked mats. Now your mouse moves smoothly and rapidly any direction you want.
  • EXTENDED SIZE FOR ENDLESS COMFORT: Being one of the largest mouse pads available on the market, our extended mouse map measures roughly 35.5"x15.5"x0.15". More than 3mm thickness can help you get a better operating experience when working. And fits on your desk or gaming table. Ideal for the office, work, computer stations, and your home of course! Enjoy endless comfort and use multiple keyboards and mouses on one pad.
  • WHEN ERGONOMICS & STYLE MEET: Made of high quality rubber, this extended world map mouse pad is ready to withstand some heavy duty use. The large rectangular size, combined with just about the right thickness and sturdy craftsmanship, make this mouse mat an absolute must have for every gamer! Ideal for desktops, laptops, pc, consoles, and more!
  • THICK, FOLD-ABLE, and TRAVELS WELL: Thanks to its thick comfy and fold-able design, you can carry this mouse pad with you everywhere you go. Its waterproof top and anti fraying stitching, prevent damage from spills or rough use.(Warm Tip: The big mouse pad for computers is made of natural rubber,so it will be a little smelling when it's first opened, please keep it in the air to throw the smell away before using.)